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Equipping Leaders For The Future

The Executive Supply Chain Academy is a unique, collaboration-based executive leadership program designed to build executive presence, leadership skills, and fluency with next generation technologies. Built in partnership between Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Chi Studios, the program places participants in small peer groups (no more than 10 participants per group), and surrounds them with a team of proven industry leaders–current and former CSCOs, front-runners in innovation and technology, leading investors, and renowned thought leaders–as they work together to build an approach to specific challenges.

Over the 6-month program, participants will grow their skillsets through a focus on four pillars.

Executive Presence

Participants will work with seasoned Fortune 500 executives to learn and practice techniques that earn a seat at the executive table.

Our program goes beyond technical expertise and includes:

  • Storytelling and case-building with the executive team, including the CEO, CFO, and CIO.
  • Understanding concerns and priorities across departments and functions; learning how to relate to other executives.
  • Landing a presentation to a Board of Directors.

Technology Leadership

Participants will emerge with a heightened, pragmatic awareness of the technology landscape required for ongoing supply chain excellence.

Topics of focus include:

  • Innovative technologies and techniques to address emerging challenges.
  • Benchmarks with peer organizations.
  • Relationships with technology leaders, investors, and thought leaders.

Change Management

Participants will develop strategies that enable them to become dynamic leaders and change agents within their organizations, with strengths in:

  • Building the case for investment and change.
  • Motivating the team to adopt change.
  • Navigating complex stakeholder dynamics.
  • Developing processes and identifying risk.

Industry Strategy

Participants will gain a heightened awareness of the current and future competitive strategies and dynamics within their industries, enabling them to:

  • Link function-specific investments and activities to the overarching strategy of the organization.
  • Become a trusted advisor and true partner to counterparts.
  • Build the case for investment and change


For Fortune 1000 Director-Level Supply Chain Leaders

The Executive Supply Chain Academy is designed for supply chain leaders currently operating one to two levels below the C-Suite executive. Ideal participants are seeking to take the next career step and develop the business mindset needed for leading at the C-Suite level.

As command-level leaders, participants must have a thorough understanding of particular elements of the supply chain system, and be seeking to develop a more comprehensive end-to-end perspective.

Participants must already have well practiced leadership and communication skills, having led teams within a supply chain organization. A great emphasis will be placed on translating current leadership and communication skills into an effective C-Suite executive presence, preparing participants to translate supply chain initiatives into business value, present to the board, negotiate with the CFO, or educate the CEO on complex topics.

Supply Chain Executives

From Functional to End-to-End Leadership

The Executive Supply Chain Academy is designed to cater to the unique needs of functional leaders from all parts of the supply chain. All participants focus on end-to-end supply chain capabilities with opportunities to dive deep into specific business cases as their primary point of focus:

For Sourcing Leaders

In this new dynamic supply chain ecosystem, the sourcing and planning functions now need to connect end-to-end internally to manage the impact of demand variability and supply chain risks on manufacturing, inventory, and distribution. They need to become integral leaders tying together internal and external relationships and data to proactively mitigate potential disruptions.

For Manufacturing Leaders

Manufacturing leaders sit at the heart of all supply chain functions. They work with distribution on innovative drop-ship solutions straight from the production line and partner with sourcing leaders to keep production rolling during times of supply disruption. Production needs to be balanced to minimize inventory hold while ensuring no stock-outs through integration with dynamic order management systems.

For Inventory Leaders

Emerging automation solutions can enable dynamic inventory-order matching. This requires an in-depth understanding of emerging technology solutions and end-to-end data flow. Lighting up available inventory across all channels is critical for dynamic reprioritizing of orders. Inventory leaders have to partner with manufacturing and distribution to enable these new capabilities.

For Distribution Leaders

Logistics and distribution leaders have to adapt to a myriad of new challenges, such as integrations with external partners, evaluating emerging warehouse automation solutions, and designing innovative last-mile solutions to respond to the new demands by customers. These considerations are only possible through tight integration with upstream functions such as inventory, manufacturing, and planning.


David Warrick

Former General Manager Global Supply Chain and Supply Chain Technology Officer, Microsoft

David is a seasoned expert in the Global Supply Chain domain. With 23 years of experience at Microsoft, he held significant roles including General Manager of Global Supply Chain and Supply Chain Technology Officer. David played a key role in building Supply Chains for Xbox and Surface as well as driving the incorporation of new technologies into the Supply Chain. Today he works with numerous companies at the leading edge of Supply Chain.

Donna Palumbo-Miele

Founder & Managing Director, Concordia Supply Chain Group

Donna is an accomplished thought leader across supply chain, sourcing, innovation, and sustainability. She has held leadership positions at Bloomberg, Johnson & Johnson, and The Walt Disney Company. In addition to her professional expertise, Donna is an adjunct professor, vice chair of CSCMP’s board of directors, and former chair of the sustainable supply chain committee.

John Church

Former EVP and Chief Supply Chain, Transformation, and Enterprise Services Officer, General Mills

As the Chief Supply Chain Officer at General Mills, John was responsible for overseeing Supply Chain and ESG aspects of global operations while providing strategic and organizational leadership. He played a significant role in expanding the Company’s footprint and market penetration through various M&A activities and successful integrations.

Supply Chain Executives


Pushing Supply Chain Careers Forward

Participants come out of The Executive Supply Chain Academy prepared for the next stage of their career journey. With a greater understanding of the CSCO’s relationship to the rest of the executive team and improved executive-level communication skills, graduates will be prepared to present initiatives to the CIO, CFO, CEO and Board of Directors in language and detail that is appropriate and effective.

Graduating participants will have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the changes in the supply chain technology landscape, and will have a fluency in communicating with, planning with, and negotiating with next generation technology providers.

Finally, participants will emerge with a peer-reviewed, expert-generated initiative roadmap that solves a significant opportunity/challenge at their organization, complete with an outline for a business case, estimated costs, and a board-level presentation.


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About Chi Studios

Chi Studios is a catalyst and producer of enterprise executive peer-to peer consulting groups. This corporate innovation collaborative was built by executives to identify real world approaches that solve top business challenges and develop the next generation of leaders in the process. Studio initiatives help teams filter advice and identify practical solutions they can trust. Chi manages two studios: The Visibility Council, for supply chain, and The Cybersecurity Studio.

Program Cost: $15,000 per participant. Group rates available.

Next Session Begins January, 2024. Signup closes November 1.

 Class Size Limited to 40 participants. 10 in each business case.

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