The Supply Chain AI-Leader

A 4-day leadership immersive designed for supply chain leaders striving to master the transition from the old to the new philosophy of technology.

Join this unique, cross-enterprise, executive development intensive led by current and former Chief Supply Chain Officers as well as technology experts and investors, designed for supply chain leaders seeking to confidently navigate the emerging technology revolution.

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Limited to 4 Seats Per Organization

Program Dates: November 3-6, 2024 

Registration Deadline: October 15, 2024

Location: Chicago, IL

Size: Limited to 20 participants.



A Dynamic Future Calls For Dynamic Technology Solutions

The supply chain function is experiencing the most significant transformation in its history. With simultaneous impacts of global trade disruption, climate change, demand-related volatility, and the rapid advancement of IoT and AI technologies, the supply chain playbook is being rewritten.

Never before has it been more important to have dynamic leaders that understand the new philosophy behind unlocking supply chain technology capabilities.

The old technology philosophy of customizing static ERP systems is no longer sufficient. To succeed in this dynamic environment, it is critical to understand what is possible with low-code/no-code, light-integration Supply-Chain-as-a-Service technologies and how they can interact as a constellation of best-in-class plug-and-play solutions.


Become a Supply Chain AI-Leader

Grow beyond your functional supply chain expertise into an AI-Leader capable of orchestrating the evaluation, integration, and evolution of next generation solutions. Our team of former Chief Supply Chain Officers have identified three areas supply chain leaders need to master to succeed in this dynamic new normal: 

Technology Philosophy

Latest Supply-Chain-as-a-Service technology solutions have evolved from one-size-fits-all ERP systems to constellations of agile, light-implementation, best-in-class spot solutions.

These new solutions connect supply chain functions end-to-end requiring supply chain leaders to also think end-to-end.

  • The principle of “Configure vs Customize”.
  • How to implement “Try vs Build vs Buy”.
  • The power of the Data Layer.
  • Building a supply chain technology “constellation”.
David Warrick on Digital Supply Chain Leadership
John Church on Preparing for End-to-End Leadership

Stakeholder Communication

Work with seasoned Fortune 500 executives to understand how to supply chain leaders need to communicate with stakeholders from finance, marketing, sales, and other business functions when it comes to new techniques and technologies

Topics of focus include:

  • Managing the interconnectivity between planning, manufacturing, inventory management, and distribution.
  • Storytelling and case-building with the executive team.
  • Understanding concerns and priorities across departments and functions; learning how to relate to other executives.

Change Management

AI and automation technologies introduce fear in the workforce that leadership will reduce headcount; a fear that fuels resistance to change and adoption of new technologies.   

However, in this dynamic future organizations need to stay agile and adapt constantly, otherwise they will fall behind. It is therefore critical for leadership to bring their operational teams along the technology transformation journey. Teams need to realize that new automation technologies open up new opportunities for growth while reskilling the current workforce and maintaining the headcount.

Peter Smith on Navigating Change Through COVID


Are you interested in accelerating the supply chain technology revolution?

All functions of the supply chain are impacted by the rapid evolution of emerging technology and AI capabilities. There are hundreds of new solutions promising to transform planning, manufacturing, inventory management, as well as transportation and logistics. 

It is no longer enough to let the IT group decide what technologies are the right choice for your supply chain. Supply chain leaders on all levels need to have a thorough understanding of what it takes to create an agile, plug-and-play technology environment that allows for seamless data integration between all internal as well as external partners.

A great emphasis will be placed on understanding the power of the data layer, the development of solutions constellation, the communication of new technology initiatives to internal and external business partners, and the change management required for successful implementation.


Individual & Company-wide Benefits

This Supply Chain AI-Leader Intensive is designed to cater to the unique needs of supply chain leaders faced with an overwhelming amount of new automation and AI technologies while having to navigate the internal “traditional” organizational dynamics and resistance to change

Benefits for Chief Supply Chain Officers

Educating supply chain leaders in automation, analytics, and AI fosters efficiency, cost reduction, and informed decision-making. It enhances agility, granting a competitive edge and enabling quick adaptation to market changes.

With skilled leaders, risks can be mitigated, and innovation flourishes, driving operational excellence. Investing in talent development cultivates a culture of continuous learning, attracting and retaining top talent.

Ultimately, this knowledge equips leaders to optimize processes, mitigate risks, and innovate, contributing to the organization’s overall success and competitiveness.



John Church

Former EVP and Chief Supply Chain, Transformation, and Enterprise Services Officer, General Mills

Short Bio

As the Chief Supply Chain Officer at General Mills, John was responsible for overseeing Supply Chain and ESG aspects of global operations while providing strategic and organizational leadership. He played a significant role in expanding the Company’s footprint and market penetration through various M&A activities and successful integrations.

LinkedIn Profile 

Chris Clark

Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Motorola

Short Bio

Chris Clark, Managing Partner at Todd Advisory and former Chief Supply Chain Officer at Motorola, brings 34 years of expertise in supply chain and procurement. Recognized for establishing inclusive cultures, Chris led global teams, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and improving product quality across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. A trusted partner with a proven track record in resolving complex challenges, Chris delivers innovative solutions, sets high standards, and consistently exceeds revenue goals, making a lasting impact on organizations.

LinkedIn Profile 

Mike Corbo

Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Colgate-Palmolive

Short Bio

Mike Corbo, former Chief Supply Chain Officer at Colgate-Palmolive with 40 years of experience, now advises and serves on boards for emerging tech companies. A seasoned leader in consumer goods, he’s adept in negotiation, operations, and supply chain optimization. Pioneering the shift to a digital, sustainable, and resilient supply chain, he’s passionate about problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

LinkedIn Profile 

Tim Harden

Former President, Supply Chain & Fleet Operations, AT&T

Short Bio

Tim Harden, a telecommunications veteran with 32 years at AT&T, served in executive roles including President of Worldwide Supply Chain. Currently Chairman of BeyondEdge Networks and serving on boards like CloudLeaf and Forward Edge-AI, he provides strategic guidance in the evolving communications industry. Recognized for leadership in economic development and education, he’s also an inductee in the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

LinkedIn Profile 

Bill Hurles

Former Executive Director, Supply Chain, General Motors

Short Bio

Bill Hurles dedicated 38 years to General Motors, ascending to Executive Director of Supply Chain. He’s been pivotal in shaping automotive industry standards through roles on boards like AIAG. Hurles’s commitment extends to education, supporting Howard University and Wayne State University’s Supply Chain programs. A visionary leader, he’s driven innovation and collaboration across industries.

LinkedIn Profile 

Ivanka Jauregui

Former Innovation Director, Proctor & Gamble

Short Bio

Ivanka Jauregui is a seasoned Supply Chain Executive with over 20 years of success in driving margin and revenue growth. With expertise in strategic implementations for multi-billion-dollar supply chains, she’s adept at delivering new business and product innovation. Jauregui excels in simplifying complex problems, leading cross-functional teams, and implementing multi-functional solutions to enhance customer service and cost efficiency. Her skill set spans business operations, strategy, global supply chain management, and continuous improvement.

LinkedIn Profile 

Frank Jones

Former VP / GM Manufacturing, Intel

Short Bio

Frank Jones, a distinguished leader with 29 years at Intel and prior experience at Burroughs Corporation, spearheaded transformative advancements in global supply chain strategies. Overseeing manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics, and program management, he’s credited with architecting pivotal advancements in Intel’s operations worldwide. Recognized for fostering diversity and enhancing organizational capabilities, he leaves a legacy of readiness for future growth and challenges within the leadership team.

LinkedIn Profile 

Nadim Kilzi

Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, PLZ Corp

Short Bio

Nadim Kilzi, former Chief Supply Chain Officer at PLZ Corp, brings 25 years of global expertise in supply chain and operations, spanning industries like food, beverage, and industrial products. With leadership roles at Impossible Foods, Keurig Dr Pepper, Sherwin-Williams, and Starbucks, he’s known for his pragmatic approach and end-to-end perspectives. A collaborator driving EBITDA growth through efficient cash management and strategic initiatives.

LinkedIn Profile 

Deverl Maserang

Former President & CEO, Farmer Brothers

Short Bio

Deverl Maserang, former President & CEO of Farmer Brothers, brings a wealth of experience from leadership roles at Starbucks and Chiquita Brands. As EVP for the Global Supply Chain at Starbucks, he oversaw end-to-end operations globally. With a proven track record in food & beverages, Deverl is a seasoned executive skilled in corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and effective global supply chain management.

LinkedIn Profile 

Dennis Mullahy

Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Macy’s

Short Bio

Dennis Mullahy, former Chief Supply Chain Officer at Macy’s for 4 years, brings extensive leadership from senior roles at Michaels Stores, Ulta Beauty, and Meier. A strategic thinker adept at operational, supply chain, and technological strategies. Renowned for fostering collaboration and development within teams, he’s instrumental in driving sales and business growth. A seasoned member of senior leadership, contributing to corporate strategy and governance.

LinkedIn Profile 

Donna Palumbo-Miele

Former Global Head HR & Professional Services Sourcing, Bloomberg LP

Short Bio

Donna is an accomplished thought leader across supply chain, sourcing, innovation, and sustainability. She has held leadership positions at Bloomberg, Johnson & Johnson, and The Walt Disney Company. In addition to her current role as Managing Director of the Concordia Supply Chain Group, Donna is an adjunct professor, chair-elect of CSCMP’s board of directors, and former chair of the sustainable supply chain committee.

LinkedIn Profile 

Anne Robinson

Former Chief Strategy Officer, Kinaxis

Short Bio

Anne Robinson, former Chief Strategy Officer at Kinaxis, brings extensive experience from Verizon, Informs, and Cisco. With specialties in strategy development, digital transformation, and analytics, she’s a leader in supply chain modeling and performance management. Known for her expertise in organizational alignment and business intelligence, she’s instrumental in driving impactful strategies for growth and efficiency.

LinkedIn Profile 

Peter Smith

Former COO, Party City

Short Bio

Peter Smith is a seasoned Chief Supply Chain Officer/Chief Operations Officer with a distinguished career in apparel and vertical retail global supply chains. Recognized for innovation, leadership, and problem-solving, he has held key roles at Party City, Carter’s, and VF Corporation, driving impactful change and optimizing operations.

LinkedIn Profile 

Skip Tappan

Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Gordon Food Service

Short Bio

Skip Tappan, a veteran Senior Supply Chain Executive, boasts a distinguished career spanning Procter & Gamble, Walmart, and Gordon Food Service. With over two decades of expertise, he’s adept at optimizing end-to-end supply chains for CPG products. His prowess encompasses manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and strategic business planning, consistently delivering top-line results and fostering innovation. Tappan’s track record showcases his ability to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and organizational growth across diverse industries.

LinkedIn Profile 

David Warrick

Former General Manager Global Supply Chain and Supply Chain Technology Officer, Microsoft

Short Bio

David is a seasoned expert in the Global Supply Chain domain. With 23 years of experience at Microsoft, he held significant roles including General Manager of Global Supply Chain and Supply Chain Technology Officer. Today he works with numerous companies at the leading edge of Supply Chain.

LinkedIn Profile 


Welcome to Festival Town

Based on Real Company Use Case | Small Group Sessions
High-touch-point Individual Coaching | Peer-to-peer Collaboration
Guidance by Technology Experts & Chief Supply Chain Officers

This Supply Chain AI-Leader Intensive was designed in partnership with leading supply chain executives and technologists in order to craft a realistic and challenging experience based on a fictious supply chain use case that is based on a real company.

Participants will be prompted to respond to real-life business scenarios such as outlined in this Welcome Letter From the Office of the Festival Town CEO, a role played by a real CEO, Deverl Maserang (January 2024 Intensive).

All sessions are led by category experts and are crafted to push participants to the leading edge of supply chain technology and technique.

Small group breakout sessions allow for equal participation as well as personalized coaching by our supply chain executive team.

Lead Festival Town’s Technology Strategy

Module 1: Welcome to Festival Town

Festival Town Leadership:

  • Deverl Maserang, CEO
  • Peter Smith COO
  • John Church, CFO
  • David Warrick, CTO

Objective: Welcome! As the new Chief Supply Chain Officer of Festival Town and over the next 90 days, you will familiarize yourself with the current state of its supply chain technology stack, investigate emerging, best-in-class spot solutions, and design a strategy for implementing FT’s new technology philosophy that drives efficiny and business growth.

Festival Town’s leadership team as well as outside consultants will be available to you to provide you advice on the latest techniques and technologies for an integrate supply chain approach.

Module 2: The New S-Curve

Festival Town Consultants:

  • TBD

Objective: The new technology philosophy

The Art of the Possible

Build vs Buy vs Try

Configure vs Customize

What does it take to transition from the old to the new S-curve?

Module 3: The Data Layer & Constellation

Festival Town Consultants:

  • TBD

Objective: Data layer definition, capabilities, options

What are solution constellations?

How can they enable an internal and external data ecosystem?

Module 4: Connected Manufacturing & Inventory Management

Festival Town Consultants:

  • TBD

Objective: TBD

8x Modules in 4x Days

Module 5: Connected Distribution & Logistics

Festival Town Leadership:

  • TBD

Objective: TBD

Module 6: End-to-End Planning

Festival Town Consultants:

  • David Warrick, Festival Town CTO and former Chief Supply Chain Technology Officer at Microsoft

Objective: Now that you and your team have investigated all supply chain functions including possible new techniques as well as technology solutions, it is time to pull it all together under one end-to-end umbrella.

The Festival Town leadership is curious about your strategy for integrating both internal and external supply chain functions and partners and what efficiencies this integration might create.

Module 7: Change Management

Festival Town Consultants:

  • Dennis Mullahy, former CSCO at Macy’s

Objective: Following the 90 days of research into integrating all internal and external supply chain functions, the Festival Town leadership wants to understand the implications of implementing this plan.

How will it affect different teams and functions? How are you planning to communicate those changes? What other business functions need to be involved in executing these changes?

Module 8: Stakeholder Communication

Festival Town Consultants:

  • Deverl Maserang, CEO of Festival Town and former CEO of Farmer Brothers

Objective: Now that you and your team have developed a powerful and actionable strategy for integrating all supply chain functions and you have prepared all teams about the changes that lie ahead, it is time to pull it all together into a final presentation to the Festival Town CEO.

The Festival Town leadership will work with you on crafting this final presentation and highlight how these new projects will impact the COO, the CFO, and the CTO.


MBA-style Training Meets Executive Coaching

Supply Chain Executives

The Supply Chain AI-Leader Intensive prepares participants for the new technology challenges and opportunities all across supply chain. With a greater understanding of this new technology philosophy as well as improved executive-level communication and change management skills, graduates will be prepared to present and lead new technology initiatives in collaboration with leaders across all business functions.

Participants will emerge with a peer-reviewed, expert-generated initiative roadmap that is relevant not just for the fictious Festival Town use case but is applicable to challenges and opportunities at their own organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Supply Chain AI-Leader Intensive?
  • The Supply Chain AI-Leader Intensive is an executive development program designed by current and former CSCOs specifically for supply chain leaders across all functions, who are interested in accelerating the new technology philosophy at their own organizations. 
  • ROI: We are equipping leaders with a mindset and skills so that they don’t need to rely so much on expensive consultants to figure out a way through the maze of emerging SCaaS technology.
Why Create the AI-Leader Intensive Now?

The changing environment of the past 3-5 years requires a new mindset as well as technology philosophy that allows us to enable a new level of complexity in supply chain to help us deal with:

  1. The Post-Covid VUCA environment
  2. Changing customer/e-commerce behaviors
  3. Geopolitical, climate volatility
  4. Emerging SCaaS and AI, versus the old ways of customizing an ERP
What Skills Will Supply Chain Executives be Honing?
  • Understanding why it is critical for businesses to transition from the old to the new supply chain technology philosophy.
  • Know how to build a constellation-style technology stack leveraging a data layer as well as the latest predictive and generative AI solutions.
  • Lead the evaluation and implementation of agile, plug-and-play solutions across the entire internal and external supply chain.
  • Effectively communicate the necessity for supply chain technology transformation with all stakeholders and teams.
How Does the AI-Leader Intensive Work?
  • This new VUCA environment needs a new, collaborative approach since no one person or expert has the magic solutions.
  • We apply a peer-to-peer approach which we have proven out over the past four years with our Roundtables and Workshops. We supplement this collaborative knowledge exchange with current and former Chief Supply Chain Officers, subject matter experts, academics, and investors.
How is the AI-Leader Intensive Different?
  • Academic programs are theoretical. we work on actual supply chain projects provided by partners
  • Too few programs out there are specifically designed for the maximum impact at the functional leadership level.
  • Companies have internal leadership development for general business skills like negotiation. Very few are supply-chain specific, and they lack the external, cross-enterprise perspective.


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Next Session: November 3-6, Chicago, IL

 Limited to 20 participants

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